The Benefits of Taking Care of Your Employees

Keeping your employees happy is not only good for them and their well-being - it's also great for your company. Unhappy employees can reflect poorly on company culture and management, which can affect your customers' perception of your brand. It can also be costly to replace employees because you have to train new workers and you lose the time and training you've invested in your current ones. For these reasons, you should always be striving to reach higher retention rates for your company. Here are just a few of the benefits of keeping your employees happy.


Alexis Lamster, director of people and culture at Carrot Creative, says that supporting the company culture gives employees a stronger sense of loyalty and that it makes them more invested in their jobs. That's why Carrot has a 3 percent turnover rate in an industry that averages 30 percent.


Employees will be more productive if they are happy. They'll like your company and get more satisfaction from helping the company succeed. If they feel connected to the goals of the organization, they will be more aligned with the company mission and more motivated to work hard.

Close Community

Keeping employees in your company longer will help in creating a close community within your staff. When people are happy, they are more likely to engage in company events and form relationships with other employees. This helps to boost morale and improves the chances of employees staying at your company instead of moving on to another job.

Improved Company Image

Your employees are walking advertisements for your company. If you keep them happy, they will have wonderful things to say about you to their friends, on their social networks and to customers. Happy employees can actually improve your company image - if you are authentic and care about your employees, it will shine through on many levels.

You can find many ways to take care of your employees, from opening up lines of communication at the office and taking better care of your actual work space to offering more perks, such as flexible hours and paid vacations. These efforts can go a long way in keeping your employees happy and boosting retention rates over time.